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Help me finish a Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip
by Nicholas Gurewitch
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Project Description

A very special installment of the The Perry Bible Fellowship: Perbert's BIG Adventure.

Stretch Goals

900- Podcast featurette on the making of Perbert will be made available for purchase

1000 - Cafepress t-shirts of Perbert & Tina will be made available for online purchase

5000- Kate Beaton will draw Perbert's Big Adventure

400,000 -Perbert's Big Adventure will be considered for development as a half-hour animated program on HULU

10,000,000- Take a ride in the Perbert Energy Saving Car*. Note: The original Perbert story will be avaiable (via touchscreen) in the glass of all the windows.

1,000,000,000 Perbert International Space Station* will be fully realized. Opening ceremony held by Colin Ferrel.

*prototypes only
pledged of 404 goal
days to go

This project will only be funded if at least 404 is pledged by Tuesday Apr 2, 11:48am EDT.
Project by
N Gurewitch
Contact me

Website: pbfcomics.com
Pledge 1 or more

Pledge 10 or more
Official Perbert Thank-You-Tweet on Twitter (plus all the above).

Pledge 25 or more
Official Perbert Thank You Tweet (plus all the above).

Pledge 125 or more
ebook of the making of Perbert

Pledge 1000 or more
Meet Nicholas Gurewitch*

*via AOL instant messenger